Reconstruction of the interior of the Royal restaurant in the 5* hotel Nové Lázně

Dear business partners and guests, We would like to inform you about the reconstruction of the interior of the restaurant and lobby bar in the hotel Nové Lázně (Mariánské Lázně). The impressive interior change was designed by architect Nathalie Rothenburg and will elevate the overall design of the hotel restaurant to a world-class level. The renovation of the lobby bar will take place from 9.10.2023 and the interior renovation of the restaurant from 6.11.2023. During the renovation of the restaurant, i.e. from 6.11.2023, breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in the Mirror Room of the Casino Ballroom. The opening of the Royal Restaurant with its new interior, lobby bar and wine bar is planned for Christmas 2023.  

Information for Passengers – travelling from/to the Czech Republic

Many protective measures have been set up at Václav Havel Airport Prague in co-operation with public health authorities for several months. Departures and arrivals take place under strict hygienic conditions, which are to ensure the health and safety of passengers. All passengers and visitors must wear face masks in all areas of the airport, keep a safe distance from other people, wash their hands frequently and thoroughly and use hand sanitizers. Thank you for protecting yourselves and those around you. We recommend all passengers also check protective measures of their airline and confirm the current conditions for entering the country to which they are travelling from Prague. To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website. The current operational information and other updates from the airport can be found HERE. The information on the prevention of the spread of coronavirus can be found HERE. INFORMATION ABOUT PROTECTIVE MEASURES AT THE AIRPORT CAN BE FOUND HERE LIST OF RESUMED ROUTES HERE

Hotel Openings in Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary HOTEL OPENING DATE Ambassador 01.07.2020 Ambiente 25.05.2020 Angl Dvur TBC Aqua Marina 01.08.2020 Astoria 26.06.2020 Atlantic 25.05.2020 Boston 25.05.2020 Bristol Georgy House TBC Bristol Livia TBC Bristol Main TBC Bristol Palac TBC Bristol Tereza TBC Bristol Villa TBC Cajkovskii 25.05.2020 Cajkovskii Palacе TBC Central 25.05.2020 Concordia 12.05.2020 Corso will not open in 2020 Derby 25.05.2020 Dvorak TBC Elefant 25.05.2020 Elishka TBC Embassy TBC Esplanade 25.05.2020 Ester TBC Ferdinandhof TBC Helluan TBC Humboldt TBC Imperial closed till 01.01.2021 Iris TBC Jean de Carro 25.05.2020 Jessenius 25.05.2020 Jizera TBC Karlsbad Grande Madonna 25.05.2020 Kolonada TBC Krasna Kralovna TBC Krivan 12.05.2020 La Bohemia TBC Lauretta 01.07.2020 Malta 01.06.2020 Maltezsky kriz 25.05.2020 Manes TBC Martel TBC Mignon 25.05.2020 Modena TBC Morava 26.06.2020 Moskevsky Dvur TBC Mozart 25.05.2020 Olympia TBC Olympic Palac TBC Ontario TBC Ostende TBC Paderewski apartment TBC Palacky 25.05.2020 Palatin 01.07.2020 Panorama 25.05.2020 Pavlov TBC Peterburg August 2020 Petr 25.05.2020 Plaza Сarlsbad TBC Praga TBC Prezident 01.06.2020 Promenada TBC Pupp Grandhotel 08.06.2020 Purkyne TBC Puskin 25.05.2020 Quisisana closed till end of 2020 Retro Riverside TBC Revelton TBC Richmond 04.06.2020 Romania TBC Royal Regent 01.06.2020 Rudolf TBC Ruze 01.06.2020 Sadovy Pramen 05.06.2020 only for Czech citizens Salvator TBC Salve 01.07.2020 Sanssouci TBC Savoy 25.05.2020 Schlosspark TBC Sirius 01.06.2020 Slovan 12.05.2020 Smetana 01.07.2020 Star TBC Thermal 08.06.2020 Ulrika 25.05.2020 Venus 25.05.2020 Villa Riter TBC Windsor 25.05.2020 Wolker 26.06.2020 Zlata Sloup TBC Mariánské Lázně HOTEL OPENING DATE Agricola 15.07.2020 Akropolis TBC Angl Dvur Orea 25.05.2020 Barbara TBC Bella TBC Belvedere TBC Bohemia Orea 25.05.2020 Butterfly TBC Centralni Lazne 25.05.2020 Сontinental TBC Cristal Orea 25.05.2020 Depandance TBC Devin 25.05.2020 Esplanade 01.07.2020 Excelsior 26.05.2020 Falkensteiner 25.05.2020 Flora 01.06.2020 Forest TBC Nabokov 08.06.2020 Pacific TBC Hvezda 25.05.2020 Imperial TBC Krivan TBC Labe TBC Maria spa Courtyard TBC Maxim TBC Mercur TBC Monty 26.05.2020 Neapol TBC Nove Lazne TBC Olympia TBC Palace zvon Orea 25.05.2020 Paris 25.05.2020 Parkhotel Golf TBC Reitenberger 15.06.2020 Romanza TBC Richard 25.05.2020 Royal 31.05.2020 San Remo Orea 25.05.2020 Silva TBC St Georg TBC St Moritz 29.05.2020 Sun TBC Svoboda TBC Swisshouse TBC Villa Gloria TBC Villa Patriot 25.05.2020 Villa Regent TBC Villa Savoy TBC Vitkov TBC Vltava TBC Westend TBC Windsor TBC Františkovy Lázně HOTEL OPENING DATE Bajkal TBC Belvedere 03.05.2020 Brussel 15.06.2020 Adler 24.05.2020 Francis Palace TBC Goethe 29.04.2020 Harvey TBC Imperial 14.06.2020 LD Kijev TBC LD Palace TBC Luisa 24.05.2020 Metropol TBC Monti from 10.05 only for Czech citizens Pawlik 31.05.2020 Kur hotel TBC Pyramida TBC Reza 01.09.2020 Savoy 29.04.2020 Tri Lilie TBC Jáchymov HOTEL OPENING DATE Astoria 29.05.2020 Behounek 04.05.2020 Curie 17.05.2020 Dalibor TBC Elektra 17.05.2020 Luzice TBC Praha 17.05.2020 Radium Palace 19.12.2020 Teplice HOTEL OPENING DATE Astoria 29.05.2020 Behounek 04.05.2020 Curie 17.05.2020 Dalibor TBC Elektra 17.05.2020 Luzice TBC Praha 17.05.2020 Radium Palace 19.12.2020

Czech Republic – situation with coronavirus

RESOLUTION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC No 215 of 15 March 2020 on the adoption of a crisis measure Following Government Resolution No. 194 of 12 March 2020, by which the Government in accordance with Articles 5 and 6 of the Fundamental law No. 110/1998 Coll., on the Security of the Czech Republic, declared a state of emergency in the territory of the Czech Republic because of health threats associated with the presence of coronavirus (known as SARS CoV-2) within the territory of the Czech Republic. The Government, with effect from 16 March 2020, from 00:00 to 24 March 2020 until 6:00. I. prohibits the free movement of persons within the territory of the Czech Republic, except: (a) journeys to work and to perform a business or other similar activity, (b) necessary journeys to family or close relatives; (c) journeys necessary for the provision of the essential necessities of life (e.g. purchase of food, medicines and medical supplies products, hygiene goods, cosmetics and other household goods, feed and other needs for animals), including the needs of relatives and close persons, providing childcare, providing care for animals, use of necessary financial and postal services, refueling, (d) journeys necessary to meet the needs and services referred to in point (c) for another person (e.g. volunteering; neighborhood assistance) (e) travel to health and social care facilities, including the provision of necessary escorts of relatives and close persons, and veterinary care facilities, (f) journeys to deal with urgent official matters, including the necessary escorts of relatives and close persons, (g) performance of the profession or activities serving for attending 1. security, internal order and crisis management, 2. health protection, provision of health or social care, including volunteering; 3. individual religious care and services; 4. public transport and other infrastructures, 5. services to the population, including supply and distribution services, 6. veterinary care, h) stay in nature or parks, (i) travel back to their place of residence; (j) funerals; II. orders a) to persons staying in the Czech Republic to restrict movement in publicly accessible places for just a necessary period of time and to stay in their place of residence, except in the cases referred to in point I. (a) to (i),

Full capacity at the medical unit in the hotel THERMAL

Within the periods of 17-30.03.2019 and 07-24.04.2019 the THERMAL hotel in Karlovy Vary will not be able to provide accommodation with treatment, due to the full capacity of the medical unit. In the above periods, only accommodation is possible, without treatment.

Information from the PAVLOV hotel

This is to inform you that from March 6, 2019 in the Pavlov hotel the bathrobes and slippers for free are available only for guests, who take accomodation with treatment. Guests with accomodation without treatment can get a bathrobe and slippers for a surcharge of 4,- € (100, – CZK) / person / hotel stay. In case they order any procedure, then they will have bathrobes and slippers for free.

Changes in the meal plan for guests of the Humboldt Hotel

We would like to inform you that in the Humboldt hotel from 01.03.2019 the plan for providing guests with meals has been changed. Meals will be provided as follows: • Monday-Friday – according to menu • Saturday-Sunday – Buffet service (breakfasr table)

Offer from ESPLANADE in Marianske Lazne

As part of sales support, the ESPLANADE hotel in Mariánské Lázně offer our joint clients the following: For the period from 01/22/2019 to 03/31/2019, for guests staying at the hotel for 3 and more nights, we provide a room of higher category for free (complimentary room upgrade). DBL single use -> Junior Suite DBL -> Junior Suite Junior Suite -> Junior Suite deluxe This offer is not applicable for the rooms of the highest category. The rooms are provided depending on the actual availability.

Special winter offer at OLYMPIC PALACE

OLYMPIC PALACE have prepared a special winter offer to improve the immunity for clients in February. Each hotel guest arriving in February for 10 nights and taking treatment will receive a special „Imunita“ package, which includes 3 visits to the salt room, 1 inhalation and 1 dry massage bath. We hope that this gift will allow our guests to spend this winter in full health and prolong the therapeutic effect of their stay in Karlovy Vary.

Closing the pool and the Roman bath at the hotel PALACE ZVON

We would like to inform you that due to technical difficulties the swimming pool and the Roman bath of the PALACE ZVON hotel will be closed from Sunday 03.02.2019, 14:00, till Friday 08.02.2019, 12:00. For hotel guests there is a free (complimentary) access to the pool and sauna during this period at the PACIFIC hotel.