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Transfers – reliably, safely, conveniently

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Transfer Types


Why to choose us — because of low cost and delivery directly to the place of destination – an airport, a railway or a bus station, a hotel and so on.

Group transfer is arranged for a minimum of one tourist. ASTRA company  composes a group on its own.

Some helpful tips and recommendations as for group transfer:

Picking up of tourists on arrival or departure with an average waiting time of 30 minutes (but if flights are combined or delayed, waiting time may be exclusively extended maximum up to 1-1,5 hours).

If you travel with a child, please, specify his or her age, since according to the law, children are to sit in a special booster seat, adjusted for their height and weight. Payment for a child equals to payment for an adult, since a special booster seat completely occupies a single passenger seat.


Individual transfer is for those, who value their time, good service and comfort.

Advantages of individual transfer:

  • a car is delivered directly to tourists and drives to the place of destination without waiting for other tourists
  • you are guaranteed maximum comfort
  • with such type of transfer you may also order a bouquet of flowers, a guide or an accompanying ASTRA officer, a VIP lounge at the airport, etc .

Some helpful tips and recommendations as for individual transfer:

If you travel with a child or you are a senior person, or your luggage is oversized, either your animals accompany you, or your circumstances and requirements are special, then we strongly recommend you not to save money, but to order individual transfer only and enable us to provide you with the first-class service.

If you are a person with disabilities then only this type of transfer suits you the best. If you do not want to take a wheelchair with you, you only need to let us know and we will order it for you at the airport or for the entire duration of your stay.

If you are traveling with an animal, we recommend you to choose exclusively this type of transfer.



We are always ready to calculate for you the cost of individual transfer to any place in the Czech Republic.

  • If you are travelling with a child, please, do not forget to specify his or her age. According to the law, children are to sit in a special booster seat, adjusted for their height and weight.  Payment for a child equals to payment for an adult, since a special booster seat completely occupies a single passenger seat.
  • We recommend you to book transfer service while doing hotel reservation, even if you have not purchased tickets yet and have no exact information on your train or flight!
    Updated data on your arrival you can advise later.

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A driver will meet you with bright yellow sign-plate “ASTRA” in the arrival lounge of the airport, railway platform or any other place, appointed by you.


  • If you, for some reason, overstay in arrival lounge (any unforseen situations, lost or withheld luggage, got out through another exit, met your friends and changed your mind about leaving the airport, etc.), we would kindly ask you to inform „ASTRA“s officer about your situation and call him on the telephone, specified in your  service voucher.

NON-STOP +420 602 127 643

  • In case ASTRA company has not received any such information from the tourists, the driver will be waiting for the them at the airport or train station (at the meeting place) for no longer than 1.5 hours.

  • All information about your arrival in writing is available at the driver (name, surname, town, hotel, number of tourists, including children). If a driver has no such information, in no case use this driver’s services, since it means, that this driver is not an ASTRA’s officer and just wants to earn unfair profit on uninformed tourists. So, in case of  any hesitations, please, call our dispatcher NON-STOP +420 602 127 643.
  • While ordering your transfer, please, specify number of your mobile phone for contacting you in emergency cases.
  • For tourists with unconfirmed flights, transfer services are not provided.  Transfer sevices cost paid is not refunded.