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Spa of Teplice is situated in the valley between the Central Bohemian Mountains and the Ore Mountains and has been in the past as well as now connected with the spa. The healing springs have been healing here since 762, although the sources have been found earlier. Teplice is therefore considered one of the oldest spas in Europe. The great development of the spa started here in the 17th century. At the end of the eighteenth century a great fire broke out in the city, destroying most of the city and the spa. Teplice however quickly recovered and started the construction of new buildings, especially in the classicist style, which today supplies the city with its domination. The biggest flowering of the spas is reached at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it became so important that people referred about it as “Little Paris” or “Salon of Europe”.

At the same time, there is an industrial boom in Teplicka, which is related to coal mining. The area is still famous for its glass and ceramics factories, textiles and machine shops. The increasing popularity of the spas at that time also confirms the stays of famous personalities who came to the spa to strengthen their health. He was treated, for example, by Car Petr I, Swedish King Gustav IV, Prussian king Bedrich Wilhelm III, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Richard Wagner, Frederick Chopin, Franz Liszt and many others. Thanks to the quality of the spa care, the majestic appearance of the old spa buildings and the quiet environment in the middle of greenery, Teplice is still a very popular place for improving physical health and well-being.


The name of the Teplice Spa is derived from the temperature of local thermal springs (39-44° C), which are the main therapeutic source, it means a “hot place”. With the help of this thermal water of sodium bicarbonate-sulphate type with a rich mineral content and radon additions, bathing and other forms of hydrotherapy provides unique therapeutic results. Although there are many different sources of water in the world as well as the healing potential, there is no known locality that would be comparable to Teplice.

Even the Bohemian Basin, with unusually rich natural resources, are not similar to the Teplice. Spa springs are used by the thermal springs Pravřídlo and Hynie. In particular, diseases of the blood vessels, nerve diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, congenital orthopedic defects, scoliosis and mental disorders are treated here. Top-of-the-line care and all services under one roof are provided in three spas: the Císařské lázně, the Beethoven Spa House and the Kamenné lázně. Nové lázně (New Baths) are intended for children only.

How do mineral springs from work on internal organs


Locomotory disorders

  • disorders of the locomotive apparatus of inflammatory and degenerative origin
  • vertebrogenic syndromes
  • musculoskeletal disorders, ligaments and diseases
  • conditions after injuries and operations of the locomotive system
  • congenital orthopedic defects, scoliosis
  • juvenile chronic arthritis

Diseases of the vascular

  • peripheral vascular disease
  • conditions after venous bleeding and chronic lymphatic edema
  • conditions after vascular system operations
  • professional vasoneuroses
  • hypertension disease I. – III. Degree
  • circulatory disorders due to diabetes

Nervous diseases

  • post-stroke conditions
  • states after spinal and brain operations
  • multiple sclerosis
  • congenital paralysis, cerebral palsy
  • motion disorders after brain and spinal cord inflammation
  • muscular diseases
  • nerve disorders due to diabetes

Spa care in Teplice for children and adolescents
Diseases and disorders of metabolism and glands with internal secretion and obesity

  • diabetes mellitus

Nervous diseases

  • peripheral motor neuron syndrome
  • muscular dystrophy
  • cerebral palsy in children
  • other driving disorders of central origin
  • root syndrome of vertebrogenic origin

Diseases of the locomotive system

  • juvenile chronic arthritis, other chronic rheumatic diseases
  • congenital or acquired orthopedic defects
  • post-traumatic states and orthopedic surgery
  • scoliosis
  • osteochond
  • rhizome, Morbus Perthes, osteoporosis
  • morbus Scheuermann


What disease is inappropriate:

  • serious infectious diseases
  • illnesses in the acute stage
  • clinical signs of circulatory failure
  • malignant arrhythmias
  • conditions after deep thrombosis and thrombophlebitis
  • labile and decompensated diabetes mellitus
  • recurrent profuse bleeding
  • cachexia
  • malignant tumors
  • untreated epilepsy
  • psychoses and mental disorders
  • dependency on addictive substances
  • non-profitability
  • incontinence (not for New Spa)
  • pregnancy
  • non-healing skin defects
  • hypertension above 16 kPa of diastolic pressure (± 120 mm Hg)




  • Initial medical examination.
  • Medical check-up.
  • Final medical examination.
  • Laboratory examination of blood and urine. Other examinations are decided by the doctor according to the indications (for an additional fee).
  • Breakdown of drinking cure, dietary breakdown and breakdown of balneological procedures. Procedures are provided during the week, mostly 2-4 per day. Treatment procedures at weekends are provided in different sanatoriums according to a different plan. On Saturday mornings there are procedures in all sanatoriums and on Sundays only in some.
  • Additional treatments that you would like can be purchased additionally. Additional procedures are either over-the-counter or available only after consultation with a physician.

with full board


(full board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Complete spa treatment
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown

with half board


(half board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 2 times a day
    – Breakfast and dinner / or / Breakfast and lunch
  • Kompletní lázeňské léčení
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown


  • Chateau Duchcov
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary in Dubí
  • Town Bílina
  • Monument to the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Chlumec 1813
  • Chateau Teplice
  • Botanical Garden in Teplice
  • Mountain Doubravská Hora
  • Ruins of Krupka