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The resort of Poděbrady, located in a picturesque fertile valley of the river Elbe, just 50 kilometers away from the city of Prague. The dominant position in the town has a castle and a magnificent sculpture of the Czech King George of Poděbrady, who, according to most Czech historians, was born in this castle. The suburbs of Poděbrady effect in a positive, soothing way, and the romantic atmosphere in the city is ideal for spa guests, as well as the local climate. The town lies at an altitude of only 185 m above sea level and therefore there is a stable warm climate, it is one of the warmest regions of the Czech Republic. The history of this resort town begins from finding of the balneary spring Poděbradka in 1915 in the courtyard of the castle.

This spring with excellent healing properties within a very short time made the resort one of the most popular spa areas. The town has changed enormously, and as long ago as 1908, the resort of Poděbrady was founded, which had and still has a great influence on the development of the city. Patients mainly with vascular heart diseases come here for treatment. At the beginning of the year 1911, the construction of building for the first industrial bottling of mineral water started near the colonnade. In the fifties of the last century, Poděbradka gained the flavor of lemon and orange, and thus became the first mineral water with a fruity flavor. By the way, you can personally compare which taste is better – flavored or natural. To do this, it is enough to take a spa cup and go to springs in the Poděbrady colonnade.


The key element of treatment at Poděbrady resort is alkaline mineral waters with a high content of carbon dioxide, magnesium, calcium and hydrogen sulfide present. The temperature of mineral spring water is about 14°C, it has a ferrous and sulphurous smell typical for such waters. This water some day, more than ten thousand years ago, poured with rain in ​​the Czech mountains Krkonoše and from there it was slowly flowing with water-permeable rocks to the valley of the Elbe. In this long journey underground, the water has got saturated with liquid carbon dioxide and minerals dissolved in it. In the territory of the resort town, water is delivered to local balneological centers, where it is used to treat cardiovascular diseases,

i.e. diseases of heart and blood vessels. Poděbrady waters are used primarily for baths in which water is heated up to 33-34 °C. When taking such baths, blood vessels of patients widen, blood circulation improves, blood pressure and heart rate decrease. Regular bathing results in obvious improvement of energy indicators in heart function. Treatment procedures for each client are prescribed individually, taking into account their state of health and in accordance with the most modern medical methods.

How do mineral springs from work on internal organs


Diseases of the cardiovascular system

  • coronary heart disease
  • condition after myocardial infarction (up to 1 year after heart attack)
  • hypertensive disease of II-III stage
  • diseases of limb vessels
  • functional disorders of peripheral vessels and conditions after thrombosis
  • condition after cardiac surgery – from home (up to 3 months after surgery)
  • condition after cardiac surgery – transfer from the cardiology department
  • condition after percutaneous coronary angioplasty
  • state after revascularization of blood vessels outside the heart – up to 4 months after surgery
  • condition after heart transplantation

Diseases of metabolic disorders and internal secretory glands

  • Diabetes mellitus

Nervous diseases

  • polyneuropathy with paretic symptoms
  • nerve root syndrome with symptoms of irritation and inflammation

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

  • rheumatoid arthritis of stage I – IV
  • rheumatoid spondylitis
  • other seronegative spondyloarthritis
  • extraarticular rheumatism
  • pain syndromes
  • coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis
  • arthrosis of other locations and arthropathy
  • chronic vertebral pain syndrome of functional origin
  • conditions after injuries or orthopedic operations – up to 6 months from injury


For what disease it is inappropriate:

  • any diseases in acute stage and infectious diseases
  • condition after deep vein thrombosis – up to 3 months after recovery
  • condition after superficial thrombophlebitis – up to 6 weeks after recovery
  • often recurring profuse bleeding of any etiology
  • unstable and decompensated diabetes
  • malignant neoplasms in the course of oncology and after it in the presence of clinical signs of disease continuation
  • cachexia of any origin
  • decompensated epilepsy
  • psychosis and mental disorders with asocial manifestations or with reduced communication capabilities
  • alcoholism and drug addiction
  • non-healing skin defects of any origin
  • fecal incontinence
  • pregnancy
  • inability to self-care and daily activities without assistance and inability to non-assisted walk




  • Initial medical examination.
  • Medical check-up.
  • Final medical examination.
  • Laboratory examination of blood and urine. Other examinations are decided by the doctor according to the indications (for an additional fee).
  • Breakdown of drinking cure, dietary breakdown and breakdown of balneological procedures. Procedures are provided during the week, mostly 2-4 per day. Treatment procedures at weekends are provided in different sanatoriums according to a different plan. On Saturday mornings there are procedures in all sanatoriums and on Sundays only in some.
  • Additional treatments that you would like can be purchased additionally. Additional procedures are either over-the-counter or available only after consultation with a physician.

with full board


(full board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Complete spa treatment
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown

with half board


(half board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 2 times a day
    – Breakfast and dinner / or / Breakfast and lunch
  • Kompletní lázeňské léčení
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown


  • Castle Loučeň
  • Bohemia Crystal Glass Factory
  • Kutna Hora town
  • Kolin town
  • Zoo Chleby
  • Botanical garden Ostra
  • National stud farm Kladruby nad Labem
  • Moto- and velo museum in Přerov nad Labem
  • Radim castle
  • Ethnographic Museum of the Elbe region and Museum of Folk Architecture
  • Celtic Dobšice Museum
  • Castle and brewery Detenice
  • Hrádek Castle u Nechanic
  • Charles‘ Crown Castle