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The town of Kynžvart is one of the five important spa centers of the Karlovy Vary Region, within the historical West Bohemian spa triangle. The baths were founded in the mid-19th century by the Metternich family, based on a survey of mineral springs, peloids and climatic conditions. It is situated in a wooded landscape on the slope of the Slavkov Forest, at an altitude of 730m.

The beneficial results of the treatment are based on the effects of the sub-mountain climate, the purity of clear air, where the surrounding deep forests work as a filter, and on mineral spring water. The dominant of the city is the spa district and the castle of Kynžvart, which is famous mainly as the summer residence of the Austrian Foreign Minister and Chancellor of Prince von Metternich.


Kynzvart Spa specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases, skin diseases, treatment of the locomotor system, and the treatment of obesity, thanks to its ideal natural conditions. They are the only baths for the treatment of kidney and kidney disease. The Kynžvart curative spa specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents, whose treatment has many years of experience based on tradition, knowledge and creation of special conditions for this clientele.

The Spa of Spa Kynzvart has been provided with spa care for children from 1.5 years old. At this age, it is very appropriate to start spa treatment for children, and the child is already able to participate actively in spa procedures. This treatment is also provided in these indications to adult patients and entire families. This means that a child patient and his / her companion (parent or grandparent) can be treated at the same time on the basis of approved Healthcare Planning Proposals, in the same indication or in different indications for the child and the adult patient.

How do mineral springs from work on internal organs


The spa is treated for children from the age of 1.5 years, adolescents and adults with these difficulties:

Diseases of the respiratory tract, non-tuberculous

  • bronchial asthma
  • recurrent and chronic bronchitis
  • recurrent inflammation of the middle ear with the surgical solution
  • postoperative states of the airways and lungs
  • convalescence after lung inflammation
  • and more

Diseases of the urinary tract and kidneys

  • from normal childbirth to post-operative conditions

Diseases of the skin
Diseases of the digestive tract
Musculoskeletal system

  • painful tendon syndromes
  • coxarthrosis and gonarthrosis
  • arthrosis and arthropathy
  • vertebral algic syndrome

Obesity of children and adolescents

  • associated with other risk factors and obesity in collaborating patients


What disease is inappropriate:

  • infectious diseases transmissible from human to human and bacillosis
  • all diseases in the acute stage and conditions in which the destabilization of the state of health can be expected
  • clinical signs of circulatory failure
  • conditions after deep thrombosis within 3 months after disease withdrawal, conditions after superficial thrombophlebitis up to 6 weeks after disease
  • recurrent profuse bleeding of any etiology in the last 12 months
  • cachexia of various aetiology that prevents intensive rehabilitation (Body Mass Index less than 16.5); Does not concern indication groups IX and XXIX – anorexia
  • malignant tumors during and after treatment with clinically detectable signs of disease activity
  • uncompensated epilepsy
  • active attacks or phases of psychoses and mental disorders with anorexia or reduced communication or inability to adhere to the medical procedure and internal order of the healthcare provider of the spa therapeutic rehabilitation care
  • alcohol addiction and addiction to addictive substances
  • pregnancy




  • Initial medical examination.
  • Medical check-up.
  • Final medical examination.
  • Laboratory examination of blood and urine. Other examinations are decided by the doctor according to the indications (for an additional fee).
  • Breakdown of drinking cure, dietary breakdown and breakdown of balneological procedures. Procedures are provided during the week, mostly 2-4 per day. Treatment procedures at weekends are provided in different sanatoriums according to a different plan. On Saturday mornings there are procedures in all sanatoriums and on Sundays only in some.
  • Additional treatments that you would like can be purchased additionally. Additional procedures are either over-the-counter or available only after consultation with a physician.

with full board


(full board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Complete spa treatment
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown

with half board


(half board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 2 times a day
    – Breakfast and dinner / or / Breakfast and lunch
  • Kompletní lázeňské léčení
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown


  • Chateau Kynžvart
  • Kladská Nature Reserve
  • Rock of Kynžvart
  • Castle Kynžvart
  • Town Mariánské Lázně
  • Town Františkovy Lázně
  • Town Cheb
  • Reserve Smraďoch
  • Open-air museum Doubrava
  • Monastery Teplá