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Darkov spa resort lies in the north-east part of the Czech Republic, in the town of Karvina, Moravo-Silesian region, on the border with Poland. The founding of the first in the Czech Republic iodine-bromine spa is related to detecting of a healing iodine-bromine spring, the so-called brine (solianka), which was accidentally discovered by baron Jiří Bess from Chrastina during inspection of coal resourses on his lands in the second half of the 19th century. Local people have been using this spring long before. The emergence of the spa resort dates back to 1867, when the local waters were recognized healing and the first spa season was opened. Since then Darkova salt has been delivered throughout Europe. The main attraction of the resort architecture is the Public House with a dance hall, built in the style of secesse. At the beginning of the 20th century construction began in the style of functionalism, fashionable at that time, and most of the buildings, constructed in this style are being used still today.

In 1989, when it came to a gradual decrease in coal mining in the area of ​​ Karvina town, the spa buildings were reconstructed and modernized, the lands of the resort suburbs were also cultivated and became more attractive for resort guests. A resort park with many arbors and sculptures was arranged. The beautiful resort center is only a few minutes walk from here. The modern city of Karvina is quite different from the old Karvina, the city of miners, which has completely changed due to shut-down of coal mining production. The old town now makes its presence felt only in the inclined church of St. Peter of Alcantara, which the locals call the “oblique” church in Karvina. The curvature of its walls is connected with underground mines under it, as a result of which this church now stands with surrounding it lands about 36 meters lower than before. In addition to this attraction of the town the empiric castle with a park is also worth visiting.


Darkov Spa patients can remove or at least reduce the permanent complications of diseases or injuries of the musculoskeletal and nervous apparatus with the help of balneo-rehabilitation assistance, which in sanatoriums is provided by high-level specialists using natural healing factor – iodine-bromide water. This water from the geological level is in fact sea water from the Tertiary age, which surrounds the coal deposits in this area near Ostrava, and for its high salt content has received nickname Solianka (brine). A number of different factors have been acting on this water for millions of years – pressure, high temperatures, and all this resulted in enrichment of water with a huge number of elements from the local marine flora and fauna, which explains the positive effect of this water on the human body.

The water is highly mineralized, it contains a huge amount of iodine (800 times more than in sea water), and because of the depth where it is located, and this is 500-600 meters underground, it is completely free of civilizational deposits. Iodine-bromine waters increase immunity, improve overall health, motility and functioning of the central nervous system. Solianka perfectly relaxes muscles, makes ligaments and tendons more elastic, improves blood supply to tissues and internal organs, improves skin processes, and calms inflammatory foci. In addition to thermal effects when applied externally (baths, body wraps), it also acts as an analgesic, killing pain and muscle spasms. Spa treatment in Darkov is done in two sanatoriums – Darkov Health Center in Karvina-Darkov and Rehabilitation Sanatorium in Karviná-Hranice.

How do mineral springs from work on internal organs


Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • Bechterew disease
  • arthrosis of various localization
  • painful tendons and joint syndromes
  • chronic nerve root syndrome
  • coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis
  • non-articular rheumatism
  • other seronegative spondyloarthritis
  • osteoporosis complicated
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • states after amputation of the lower extremities
  • states after orthopedic operations
  • post-traumatic conditions
Cardiovascular diseases
  • coronary heart disease
  • hypertensive disease of stage II-III
  • peripheral vascular diseases
  • damage of peripheral vessels and thrombosis
  • conditions after angioplasty
Gynecological diseases
  • diseases of internal female genital organs
  • conditions after complicated gynecological operations
  • sterility and infertility
Nervous diseases

  • infantile cerebral palsy
  • hemiparesis and paraparesis
  • flaccid paralysis
  • radicular syndromes
  • neuromuscular diseases
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • polyneuropathy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • states after neurotraumas and neurooperations
  • syringomyelia
  • inflammatory diseases of the central nervous systém

Skin diseases

  • atopic dermatitis
  • generalized psoriasis
  • chronic dermatosis
  • condition after burns
  • toxic contact dermatitis


For what disease it is inappropriate:

  • infectious diseases and bacilli carrier state
  • all diseases in the acute stage
  • clinical signs of cardiovascular insufficiency
  • malignant arrhythmias and decompensated hypertensive disease
  • conditions after deep vein thrombosis – within 3 months after recovery
  • states after superficial thrombophlebitis – within 6 weeks after recovery
  • recurring profuse bleeding of any origin within 12 months after the last one, treatment is possible only with the consent of hematologist and transfusiologist
  • cachexia of any etiology
  • oncological diseases during treatment or with clinical signs of disease present after treatment
  • decompensated epilepsy
  • acute psychosis or other mental illness with antisocial manifestations
  • alcoholism and addiction to psychotropics
  • tobacco addiction
  • urinary incontinence of stage II-III and fecal incontinence
  • pregnancy




  • Initial medical examination.
  • Medical check-up.
  • Final medical examination.
  • Laboratory examination of blood and urine. Other examinations are decided by the doctor according to the indications (for an additional fee).
  • Breakdown of drinking cure, dietary breakdown and breakdown of balneological procedures. Procedures are provided during the week, mostly 2-4 per day. Treatment procedures at weekends are provided in different sanatoriums according to a different plan. On Saturday mornings there are procedures in all sanatoriums and on Sundays only in some.
  • Additional treatments that you would like can be purchased additionally. Additional procedures are either over-the-counter or available only after consultation with a physician.

with full board


(full board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Complete spa treatment
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown

with half board


(half board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 2 times a day
    – Breakfast and dinner / or / Breakfast and lunch
  • Kompletní lázeňské léčení
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination
    – Dietary breakdown


  • Castle Fristadt
  • Church of St. Peter from Alcantara
  • Archaeological Park Chotěbuz u Karvina
  • Těrlicko dam
  • Cieszyn Beskydy
  • Ostrava town